How do I import user names and pin codes into TNG?


You can import user names and pin codes into TNG. This feature has been added to TNG v1.0.6.6

How do I create the PinUser File for import?:

Log into TNG and navigate to ‘General Settings → Data Configuration’.
Tick “Import pin users from file” and click on 'Apply Changes".

It will allow you to import your user names and pin codes into TNG from a text file. When it is enabled, you will not be able to modify your pin codes or user names from the User Configuration page.

The format of the text file is PIP separated and begins with the user name followed by the pin code then the department

For Example:

Username|Pin code|Department


How do I import the file into TNG?

Navigate to C:\Program Files\Datatex\TNG and create a new folder called ‘Import’,
You will then need to create and save the text file as ‘pinusers.txt’ in the Import folder,
Once all the user names and pin codes are added, please enter eof (case insensitive) at the end of the file,
Please remove any extra blank spaces and/or lines in the file,
The TNG buffer must be connected and detected in order for it to import the pinusers file.

NB: TNG will only accept a text file named pinusers.txt and the file must be in the Import folder.
You must have the “Import pin users from file” option under General Settings enabled.

Once the file has been read, it will be moved to the “Processed” folder.

Historic call data:

To update historic data with the user information and you have TNG version or newer, you can try a synchronize - see: How do I synchronize TNG data?

NOTE: Synchronize update the user names in the database. The export file has already been written out. It will not update the export files. Export file entries is created the moment a call is loaded into TNG.

If the synchronize does not work or you have a TNG version earlier than, the only option to add user names to your historic data is the blank the TNG database and re-import the rawdata,
see: How do I blank the TNG call details?

Trouble Shooting:

I am using Windows 8 and my file name is pinusers.txt in the import folder.

Please change the View setting to show the file extension.

If your filename now shows as ‘pinusers.txt.txt’, please remove the one ‘.txt’ and it will import.

NOTE: This solution will apply for any Windows version where the file extension is not displayed.