TNG 4*: no result for user reports

To pull a report for an user, you must link the user name to the pin code. The pin code you use in TNG must be the pin code Asterisk sends off as part of the call details.

You need to do the following configuration in TNG:

Link the user name and pin codes, see forum post:

How do I import user names and pin codes into TNG?

TNG Home page, select the ‘Settings’ icon and log in with the technical password.
Tick ‘Swop Pin and Account Codes’.
Click on APPLY.

Make a test call with one of the user names you configured the pin for.

On the ‘Call List’ page, the user name must display under ‘ext/user’ column for the test call.

If it shows ‘Please add user’ then the pin code is not connected to an user name or the pin codes you configured is not what Asterisk is sending off in the rawdata.

If it shows ‘Please add’, then no pin code was sent off as it is expecting an extension description.


‘Please add user’ means a pin code was received, but no user name configured for it.
‘Please add’ means, no pin code was received and the extension does not have an extension description configured.

You will only be able to pull user reports if the above configuration is in place. If the Call List page shows ‘Please add user’ in the ‘ext/user’ column, the user report will have no result for these calls.
To ensure that TNG are receiving call details from your Asterisk in the correct format also see:
TNG and Asterisk: Suggested setup.
This is to ensure TNG has all the required information to produce your reports.