Why would my Mitel Phone calls not be recorded?

Why would my Mitel Phone calls not be recorded with AMETHYST and iRecall?

Recordings can take place for the physical extension or soft phone.
Please note that recordings takes place via the MBG and not on the phone.
The MBG instructs the recordings software which phones are available for recording.

What is required to be recorded?

  1. The phone must be pointed to the MBG IP:

    NOTE: This is Mitel licensing requirement to allow recording.
    If the phone is not pointed it can still make/receive calls but will not be recorded.

  2. The phone extension must be configured in the CRE recording software.

    NOTE: The configuration can be to record all pointed extensions or a fixed list of extensions.
    If record all is used, then no configuration is required on the recording software side.

Once the phone has had recordings, why would it stop recording:

If the phone is no longer pointed to the MBG/Teleworker Gateway, for example:

  1. if the physical phone is swopped out/replaced and the new phone not pointed.
    This can typically happen when phones are faulty, etc.

  2. If an agent(s) logs onto another physical phone, which is not pointed to the MBG.
    This can typically happen if agents does not have a fixed work area or
    a phone for an agent who left the company and was not recorded is allocated to a recorded agent.

  3. Soft phone (remote extension):
    If the phone cannot connect to the Teleworker Gateway or the Telework Gateway cannot route to the MBG IP, it may default to the Mitel Controller IP and calls are possible but will not be recorded.
    This can typically happen if there are network or routing issues on site.
    NOTE: A Teleworker Gateway is only used for a remote extension.