Setup for a Mitel 5212 extension for use with Amethyst SRC

This document explains how to configure a Mitel 5212 Ip hand set to be recorded using an Mitel SRC solution.
These steps should be able to configure most phones IP phones, not just the 5212.
Please ensure that the phone and extension works properly directly with the Mitel controller before configuring the SRC settings. This will simplify troubleshooting.


  1. Amethyst installation must be complete.
  2. The SRC must be installed and working (communication to Mitel working).
  3. You will require the IP of the SRC server.

You need to change network settings on the phone which requires that you to go into the configuration facility on the phone.
Here are 2 methods to get there:

Method 1

  • Hold down both Volume Buttons on the phone.
  • Let go of one of the buttons, while keeping the other pressed down;
  • On die normal dial pad, dial: 2 , 3, 4. These keys spell C,F,G for Config,

Method 2

  • Reboot the phone. (Unplug the Network Cable that powers the phone and reconnect it)
  • Hold down the DOWN VOLUME key until the display shows “Configure Phone?”
  • Select “*” for YES.

Now that you are in the configuration menu follow the following instructions:

  • Press “*” to configure the NETWORK PARAMETERS.
  • Press “#” (NO) until you get to MODIFY STATIC VALUE?" menu item.
    On the newer versions of the Mitel software they have separated the IPv4 and IPv6 so ensure you select the appropriate entry.
  • Press “*” to start editing the static values.
  • Press the DOWN VOLUME key to scroll through the options until you get to
  • Enter the SRC IP Address. (Press “#” where a dot has to go and “*” is Backspace (E.g. 192#168#1#8)
    If you blank this value out, the PBX details from the DHCP settings will be used again in place of the SRC and no recording will take place.
  • Keep pressing the DOWN VOLUME until “STORE CHANGES” is displayed.
  • Press “*” to save. Wait for the save to finish.
  • Press “*” to reboot the phone.

Once this is complete the phone will reboot and connect to the SRC, load firmware and
then boot normally. Once this is done you will be able to make normal phone calls.

If you are using a Mitel Border Gateway installation and you get an “Not Authorized” error on the display of the phone, ensure that you enable the extensions on the SRC’s Device screen.

  • Login to the Mitel Standard Linux Server (MSL) using the IP that you configured on the phone. (E.g.
  • Click on the Secure Recording Connector (SRC) on the top left menu.
  • Click on Devices
  • Ensure that the “Enabled” column has a green check mark for the new extension.
    If it doesn’t, click on the extension’s Mac address and select the Edit option.
  • Change the “Recording” and “Enabled” options to “True”.
  • Apply the settings and the phone should automatically start working after a minute or 2.

Make sure that the extension is configured on Amethyst for recording. If it is not configured, the calls will work, but no recordings will be made.

Phone someone as a test call. Once this is done, you will be able to go to Amethyst and listen to the call wih a Supervisor that has access to the extensions’ calls.