How do I import rawdata into TNG?

raw data files.
TNG version or newer

NOTE: If you use TNG for your branches and TES at head office, please disable the update of call details to TES for the import period. Please refer to topic: Disable TES update of calls from TNG


If the log to rawdata option was enabled, then you will have raw.txt file in the logs folder.

To check if enabled login into TNG.
From the HOME page select the ‘Settings’ icon and login with technical password.
Under ‘Communication Configuration’
in the ‘PABX Interface’
the ‘write rawdata to raw.txt’ must be set to PERMANENT.

If not set to PERMANENT, then you will have no raw data. If not enabled we suggest setting to PERMANENT to have raw data for the feature. You must click on ‘APPLY’ to save setting.

If already set, you can check for how long it has been logging the rawdata.
Go to the file location ‘C:\Program Files\datatex\tng\logs’.
There is a folder for each day. In the folder there will be a ‘raw.txt’ and ‘tng.log’.

You need to copy the raw.txt files to the IMPORT folder: ‘C:\Program Files\datatex\tng\import’

If the IMPORT folder does not exist, please create the folder. Make sure that if you rename the raw.txt the file name still starts with raw and the file extension is .txt, for example raw20100505.txt

NOTE: You do not need to select the plugin, because it is already selected. Also after 24 hours the import option will be unselected and the default settings to receive call details will take affect again.

To enable the import, log into the ‘General Settings’ page and tick the option to import rawdata for 24 hours.

NOTE: To re-import raw.txt you require TNG Version or newer. To upgrade to version your expiry date needs to be before 01 December 2009.

In the tng.log file it will list the files that was placed in the import folder to be re-imported:

2012-01-26 08:56:59:663 [] - C:\Program Files\datatex\tng\import\raw20120124.txt moved to processed folder
2012-01-26 08:56:59:585 [] - C:\Program Files\datatex\tng\import\raw20120125.txt moved to processed folder
2012-01-26 08:56:59:351 [] - TCPClient Connected to Network PBX
2012-01-26 08:56:59:257 [] - ApplyGeneralSettings: OK - Tech Saving=True!
2012-01-26 08:56:59:226 [] - Disconnected from Network PBX
2012-01-26 08:56:59:226 [] - Import Raw Data Enabled

If you want to check if the import has completed, you can make a note of the ‘Total Call Records’ on the TNG Call List page before you enable the re-import of rawdata and compare it to how many calls are in the rawdata file (keeping in mind that for same call action you might have 2 call data strings).

NOTE: The live logging of call details will continue to take place while you are using the re-import option. Take this in account if you look at the ‘Total Call Records’ count to see if the import has completed.

The import time will depend on:
the number of raw*.txt files to import,
then number of entries in the file and
the resources of the PC.

NOTE: If your call capacity is reached the oldest calls will be auto purged.
Ensure you have enough memory available for calls to re-import.