Can I change from TNG with Buffer to TNG no buffer?


  1. Client must return TNG buffer to Datatex.

  2. TNGLive install

    Download links:

      Select DOWNLOADS
      Download the TNGLive option for either Windows or Linux
    • Forum (must be logged in, to login in the client must register):

      TNG Download Links

  3. Access from TNG PC to Datatex License Manager to activate it:

    The Client’s TNG PC must have internet access to be able to connect to ‘’ and TCP outgoing port 80 must be allowed.
    NOTE: You only need to connect once to register.


  • Stop TNG service.
  • Make backup of TNG folder
  • Run uninstall file in TNG folder :
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Datatex\tng\unins000.exe
  • Delete TNG folder
  • Install TNGLive
    See download links below in this post.
  • Check that call details update to Call List page.
  • Activate TNGLive from Home page
    How do I register TNG or newer?
  • Contact TNG admin to confirm activation (will only be activated if TNG buffer was returned)

NOTE: Steps listed refers to Windows,
Asterisk is the same accept for
file path \opt\datatex\tng and deamon instead of service.

To retrieve ‘old’ data,
you need to have the raw.txt files from the TNG logs folders in your backup,
refer to forum post: How do I import rawdata into TNG?