How do I configure TNG to load data from a file location (file input option)?

The TNG Buffer must be connected to the TNG Host PC and the buffer must be detected.


TNG Standard version or newer also provide the File Reader as an alternative to Serial or Network communications. When selecting this option you also need to specify a path and filename or filename mask using the * character.


TNG version or newer.
NOTE: To upgrade TNG (with buffer) your annual subscription must be up to date - see TNG License Agreement page.


Log into TNG - General Settings - Communication Configuration
Take note of the current communication settings before making any changes.
Now you need to change the settings to use the input file(s):

Communication Mode - Choose the File Reader option
File Path - Enter the location and folder name of the files you wish to load

Click on APPLY.

The TNG log files will display the entry “Added to list” for each file in the file path location.

TNG logs is accessed from the ‘Home Page’ and selecting the ‘View Server Logs’ icon. Select the date as ‘Today’.

2009-09-04 13:25:48:080 [] - [FRP] CDR File "C:\Program Files\datatex\tng\processed\july\backup2009-08-03.txt"

added to list

Once the file has been processed, it will log “processed” and the file name in the TNG log. Any files matching the mask will be processed. It will be moved to the Processed folder (C:\Program Files\Datatex\TNG\Processed) 01h00 at night.

To check if import is taking place, go to the ‘Call List’ page. The number of records (top left hand corner) will increase. Only the ‘newest’ calls as per date and time will list on the Call List page.