Why can I not search and found recordings for a licensed and recorded device?

If a device is recorded and recordings not found, it can be one of 2 things:

  1. The supervisor does not have access.
  2. The search criteria used is incorrect.
  3. Call volume for the device is low.

More details :

  1. The supervisor does not have access to the device:

    The supervisor can check which devices they have access to by using this post:
    How can a supervisor check the users they have access to?

    If the device is not listed, then the admin supervisor or must configure the Supervisor access or update Supervisor groups. SLA clients can log a call with Datatex in the myAccount ticket system.
    NOTE: iRecall: Datatex does not have the login details, supervisor access is maintained by the client.

    To create a supervisor login, see YouTube Instructional Video:

    To maintain Supervisor Groups, see YouTube Instructional Video:

  2. The search criteria used is incorrect:

    To search in supervisor, see YouTube Instructional Video: