TNG Telkom 2014 Rates Update

This update contains version of TNG.
Please ensure that your subscription is at least update on 2014-Aug-01 to be able to process this update.

Rates Changes:

  • This Telkom rates has been updated to the 2014 August rates.
  • Custom rate and Simple Custom Rate has been upgraded.
  • South Africa Exchange Database has been updated.
  • Many number ranges that were broken into smaller ranges for new VOIP providers
  • International costing
  • Local and national Calls now cost the same

When Downloading your Update, please make sure that you use the correct update for your version of TNG.

If you click on the link below, it will direct to you the website with all the latest TNG files.
Updated Website downloads

Once on the download website click on the required link,
it will start displaying the file in the browser download (for example Chrome in bottom left-hand corner).
After download completed, you need to run the file to execute the update.

While building these rates, the form was checked for numbers that was not processing properly and they were tested. If you find a number that is not processing it may be another number that is not included in the Telkom Rates. Please post the number or at least the first 6 digits of the number for us to test and fix the numbers.

Please note that the Simple Custom Rate DLL file is not automatically copied over the existing rates. This needs to be done manually.

  1. You will need to stop TNG.

  2. Rename your Simple Custom rate DLL to a different name.

    all_custom_simple (Jan 2018).rar (83.8 KB)

  3. (83.85 KiB) Downloaded 10 times
    Copy the Simple_custom.dll from the Custom rates folder (or download here) and place it in the
    rates folder with the old filename.

  4. Start TNG
    Old rate was MyRate.dll

ren MyRate.dll MyRate-2013.dll
copy simple_custom.dll MyRate.dll