TNG and Asterisk: Suggested setup

TNG and Asterisk: Suggested setup

Please use the CSV File Input option to receive call details from Asterisk. This option is more consistant than the Manager Interface.

NOTE: You still need to do the AMI configuration as per documentation eventhough you are not connecting to the Manager Interface for call details. This is to get the dial plan and peer list for TNG.

TNG Home page → General Settings → Asterisk Interface Method
It must be set to ‘Asterisk CSV File Import’ and not ‘Asterisk Manager Interface’.

Refer to ‘TNG User Guide’ and step 4 in Chapter ‘TNG Asterisk Installation’ .

On installation this PDF document will be placed in the TNG help folder. Also see:
Where do I find my TNG installation guide/user manual?

To avoid any access issues, we suggest installing TNG and Asterisk on the same PC and as the same user.

For Asterisk and CSV output format configuration see:
TNG: Asterisk output configuration required

If your setup gives off a leading zero for the telephone number it will cause costing problems in TNG, the leading zero needs to be stripped from the telephone number:
How do I strip extra digits off the telephone number?

Please upgrade to the latest version of TNG for Asterisk.

Download the txt file: … 2_2014.txt

Right-click and save the file(save link), then upload onto the Asterisk server.

To update for example ‘tnglive-update-1_1_1_12.txt’:

Navigate to folder where it was saved and use the command to make it an executable:
chmod +x tnglive-update-1_1_1_12.txt

run the update:

After installing TNGLive (,
it must be activated or after 30 days it will run in Free mode with limited features - see steps:
How do I register TNG or newer?
NOTE: Activation requires payment.