How do I strip extra digits off the telephone number?

1.) First you need to create the plugin rule. You have some options:

*** Create the required plugin rule in PABX3 first. (See Document: How to setup a Plugin Rule)

Once rule is created, go to (C:\Program files\datatex\PABX3).
Open the PABX.prf file with notepad or edit pad.
Scroll down in the text document until you see a section called Plugin Rules.
Copy this entire section and paste it into a new text document.
Save the text document and rename it to Rules.ini.

*** Simply create a text file Rules.ini and paste the example below into it (if it is what you require).

*** Alternatively you can contact Datatex support to assist with the creation of the ‘rules.ini’ file.

2.) Installing the plugin rule:

STOP the TNG service.

Paste Rules.ini into your TNG plugins folder. (C:\Program files\datatex\tng\plugins).

START the TNG service.

Now the plugin rules created by PABX3 will be used for TNG.

Example of the ‘Rules.ini’ file:


The above rule will delete all incoming calls.

NB: If the Internal value is equal to 1, then the rules will be applied on Internal calls as well.
If the Internal value is equal to 0 or missing, the rules will not be applied to Internal calls. You require TNG version or newer for this feature on internal calls.

To strip leading zero: