TNG (Asterisk change)

This version of TNG only has one change from v1.1.1.12. Dialplan request:
There is a 15 minute cycle of requesting the dial plan. If the request took more than 15 minutes, the next request would start directly after the completed one.
This would place TNG in an endless loop of requesting the dial plan, never actually completing the process or processing data. Diaplan Request:
Once the dialplan has been requested, a new request will not be done until a “RELOAD” is issues by Asterisk.

To upgrade to this version: TNG
tng-live.rar (539.0 KB)
Download this version (password “datatex”)

  • Extract this file and rename to “tng”
  • Stop the running TNG
    See forum post: How do I stop and start the TNG service on LINUX?
  • Backup the data folder and tng.ini
  • Rename your current TNG executable as a backup
  • Copy the new “tng” in place
  • Ensure that it is executable with

chmod +x tng