Mitel PBX internal SMDR Buffer

The Mitel has an internal buffer to store SMDR records, if there is nothing downloading it.
The Default settings are 32k of memory and a file to store 20000 entries.


  • Please let you PBX company make any changes as needed.
  • When these changes are made, all data in the buffers are emptied and lost. So capture the old data first.
  • Real-time SMDR must be disabled in the SMDR settings.

You can view your current current settings with this Maintenance command on the Mitel Web interface:

LOGSYS Attributes SMDR

You should get output like this:

FILE   routed to:      .REDUNLOGS.SMDR
PRINT  routed to:
RAM  size:             32768 bytes.
FILE size:             20000 entries.
Overflow disposition:  WRAP
Print header:          System OFF Date OFF Reason OFF
Print reason:          LOAD
LOAD  setting:         First 1 Increment 1
ALARM setting:         First 0 Increment 0

The Size can be modified by using Logsys Size (LOGS S)


<logname> RAM <number of bytes>
<logname> FILE <entry count>

This command will set the buffer limit to 75000 ( the maximum value allowed)


Sets the size of the RAM buffer (RAM) or buffer file (FILE) for the specified log.

It is recommended that you do not change the RAM buffer size.