How do I re-import Asterisk CSV files?

This document refers to a TNG installation on Linux using the “Import from CSV” option as the ‘Asterisk Interface Method’.

The master.csv file that is imported into TNG during the day, is moved to the PROCESSED folder each night (1am). The files are saved under the date folder. You can re-import these files if data was removed or purged.

Should you require all the processed files to be re-imported, you first need to create one file with all the call details (combining all the days required into one file):

  • Navigate to the Processed folder, located in ‘/opt/datatex/tng/processed’.
  • Run the command to combine all the processed master.csv files:

cat /Master > Newfile.txt

  • The combined processed files will now be saved in ‘Newfile.txt’

  • Copy the ‘Newfile.txt’ to the same location as the ‘Master.csv’ file in Asterisk.

  • In TNG, click on General Settings and scroll to ‘Communication Configuration’ - change the file name of the import file from ‘Master.csv’ to ‘Newfile.txt’ and click APPLY.

  • TNG will now load the information from the ‘Newfile.txt’. On the ‘Call List’ page the record counter will start increasing.

NB: Once the import is complete and the file is moved to the PROCESSED folder, change the file name back to ‘Master.csv’ under Communication Configuration and click on APPLY.

TNG will start loading the current call information from the Master.csv file.

PLEASE NOTE: The master.csv file must be in the standard format TNG expects for the CSV Interface method. For example, see forum post:
Sample of Asterisk CSV input file for TNG