Can AMETHYST2 notify me if CRE recording did not take place?

AMETHYST2 has built it various features to pick up issues with recording and what could influence recording. We suggest to upgrade to the latest software version as it will address all known issues.

  • For SLA clients:

    The live monitoring will pick up:

    • if the CRE recorders stops recording per recorder or
    • if call volume is low in general per recorder.
  • To monitor individual devices is difficult as:

    • there is not always call details available to match against calls made

    • the agents can work shifts, be on leave or sick leave etc.

      The supervisor will be aware, but the software cannot track the individual behavior as noted above.

  • The AMETHYST CRE recording software will also send critical events once detected.

    This can be for a recording or recording software in general or an issue with a device/tap, etc.
    This will auto create a ticket in myAccount to be investigated.