Amethyst 2 Export options

Amethyst 2 export formats.

These are the formats that are currently supported with Amethyst 2

Unsecured local LAN option. This option is not recommended anymore since it is in plain text.
Default Port: 21
Amethyst internal ID: 0

FTPS Implicit
This sets up an secure FTP connection and then expects the connection to be using a TLS connection from the start.
Default port: 990
Amethyst internal ID: 1

FTPS Explicit
This sets up an FTP connection and then requests the connection to upgrade to a secure connection using TLS from that point onward.
Default port: 21 / 990
Amethyst internal ID: 2

This is based on a Secure SSH connection for file transfer.
Default port: 22 ( Recommended to change this.)
Amethyst internal ID: 3