Why are there gaps in my TNG call data?

TNG receives call details from the PABX system.
It can be via serial cable, network or file.

Serial and Network connections:
If the PC is switched off, the call data must be buffered until the PC is available again.

The serial cable can be connected to a TNG Buffer,
if the buffer is full then the PABX must buffer the call details until the PC is available again.
If no buffering is available, the call data is lost.

For network connections, a network buffer is needed and TNG must connect to the network buffer.
If this buffer is full, then the PABX must buffer it.

Not all PABX system has the buffer feature.
The buffering might differ also. For example,
when the buffer is full, all new data is lost or it will override the oldest data first.

Once the PC is switched on and the TNG software is running, it will create a folder for the date the PC restarted. The raw.txt file’s first entry will be the oldest call data string that was bufferred.

Therefore, any call details between this entry and the previous logged will be lost.

Depending on if power tripped or came up and down again - the PC might restart automatically, this will depend on individual configuration. These more technical details must be investigated by the companies IT support. These restarts and power outs, may created startup folders with no entries or corrupt database entries, etc.

The raw.txt file will only be available if it was configured to log raw data.

[(How do I enable logging of rawdata?)]