Webadmin2 incorrect password

During the amethyst2 upgrade, the Webadmin2 is also updated.
After i ran update script, start WEBADMIN2 and try to login with default user:webadmin@datatex… pass: ja…
Error: Incorrect login details

If WEBADMIN2 currently running version is between range VERSION TO
Below SQL script must be run in order to reset the WEBADMIN@DATATEX.CO.ZA password

  1. Stop WEBADMIN2 and Connect to the amt2.fdb database


/opt/firebird/bin/isql /opt/amethyst/data/amt2.fdb
Database:  /opt/amethyst/data/amt2.fdb

SQL> delete from amtsystem where sys_key = 'WEBADMIN PASSWORD';

SQL> commit;

Stop and Start WEBADMIN2 and login with default WEBADMIN2 login, this should now work.