Ubuntu update steps within same version

These steps should be valid for any Ubuntu 16.04 or higher.
This does not upgrade from one version of Ubuntu to the next.


  • Login with SUDO access.
  • Server must have internet access to download files.
  • Reboot of the server is required after the update. Recording server will be down during the reboot.

Steps to prepare

  • Login with an Linux user that has SUDO access.
  • Run “sudo apt update
  • Run “sudo apt upgrade --download-only
    • This step will only download the updates and can be done prior to the upgrade date, to allow for sites with slow internet connections.
    • This can be run in a byobu session to allow it to continue running after you disconnect. It can then finish in its own time.
    • Duration of the download will depend on the number of downloads and the internet speed. ETA is usually displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

Steps to update

  • Login with Linux user that has SUDO rights
  • Run “sudo apt update
  • Run “sudo apt upgrade” [ Some customer would like to take a screenshot of the updates listed on the screen here, before you press “Y” to continue. ]
  • Check if a reboot is required by running “cat /var/run/reboot-required
    • If the command shows “No such file or directory” then no reboot is required.
    • If the file exists and shows " *** System restart required *** " on the screen, then you have to restart the server to complete the updates.
  • To reboot, ensure that the client is aware what services will be affected and then run this command: “sudo reboot
  • Log back into the system and ensure that all services are up and running and working again.