TestMAT is not working

To test a ticket use this command:

Error: No eth0

if the server doesn’t use the networkj interface names like eth0 and eth1, the older errorreporter generates this error:
Error getting site details: No such device:eth0

Make sure that you upgrade the errorreporter to at least
it will be located in

Check that the correct IP is being picked up:

The first IP fromt his command will be used to report errors on Myaccount:
hostname -I

You should get a list of IPs like this:

in this case the IP will be used. This means that this IP needs to be configured on MyAccount and allowed to create tickets.

If you want to override the IP used for MAT errors, you can add a line to the
like this:

You will need to now have this IP in the MyAccount config and allowed to create tickets.

Now use the test script to check if your tickets work:

NOTE!! if you change the server IP you will need to update the MyAccount and the systeminfo.txt files.

SSL Errors:

If you are getting SSL errors like this on the screen when you run testmat.sh
Ensure that ssl libs are up to date and the latest version of the errorreporter is installed. At least version

To get the libssl up to date, use the apt-get update and apt-get upgrade.

The latest version of the errorreporter is located in

mv /opt/datatex/bin/errorreporter /opt/datatex/bin/errorreporter-`logdate -t`
cp /root/MyUpdates/mat/errorreporter-1_0_6_0-64bit /opt/datatex/bin/errorreporter
chmod +x /opt/datatex/bin/errorreporter