TES: Add extension

TES receives all data from the PABX.
The extension needs to have made/received a call already to be available for allocation.
The extension is allocated to a user and therefore the user’s branch and department must exist already.

  • To view if the branch exists or add branch:

    Log in as TES admin.
    Go to Settings.
    Branch/Rate setting.
    Click on button add branch.

    Very important: put in local/national/mobile cost (copy from previous branch entry).

    Make sure that the relevant departments are selected.

  • If you need to add a new person.

    Log in as TES admin.
    Go to MyCalls (left of users tab), after clicking it will show Main.
    Enter extensions to search under MAP VALUE and PREVIEW.
    If found, please update branch/department/user name /user ID - if used.
    If the entry is in red - then it has not been allocated yet,
    if black it has been allocated - then no action required.

For future reference: USER tab.
The user will be available under user tab for maintenance, for example user name change/e-mail etc.

NOTE: To pull reports you need to log in as a user profile - not admin.