Software gives a message "error:0A0000C4:SSL routines::reason(196)"

General problem and solution
This is an SSL/TLS problem, specifically with OpenSSL, though it may apply to other SSL libaries.

There is a mismatch between the software and the SSL library when deciding which SSL/TLS method to use - either the library is too new and the software is using an older method, or the software is new and the library doesn’t have the supported method.

The simplest solution is to update both the library and software to the latest versions, which should resolve the problem.

Alternatively, you may have to use an older SSL library which supports the method required by the software, which may not be a good idea from a security perspective.

The functions in question are:

  • SSLv2_method – obsolete
  • SSLv3_method – obsolete
  • TLSv1_method – obsolete
  • TLSv1_1_method – obsolete
  • TLSv1_2_method – might be okay, but TLS_method below is recommended.
  • SSLv23_method – obsolete
  • TLS_method – recommended

Generally any modern software should be using TLS_method so it should work with future versions of the libraries.