Reasons why the Number field shows UNKNOWN

This post serves to provide reasons why the Number field shows UNKNOWN for different Recording solutions.

Mitel / CRE Recorder
— Factors that affect no call details for all recordings—

  1. Communication to PABX - If the Call detail app (amtmitel / crecallinfo) is not able to connect to the PABX/s, then the software cannot get the number involved
  2. Call details software not functioning - If the Call details software is not working correctly example its stuck or not responding then no further call details can be supplied to the CRE.

— Factors that affect some recordings call details —

  1. Call placed on hold - Calls placed on hold and recovered may not have the Number available. This is because the link ID’s on the call is different when the call is recovered.
  2. Transferred call - Transferred calls may have the same symptom as the call placed on hold whereby the call details is not carried through to the transferred agent.