Mitel SMDR Settings


This plugin has been tested at Mitel in South Africa with release 6 through 9 of the system software.

NOTE: The settings below are done in the Mitel Networks 3300 Integrated Communications Platform (ICP). If these settings are not used, the plugin will not function correctly.

SMDR Options Assignment

DASS II - Call Charge Information Provided No
Extended Digit Length Yes
MCD - Report Transfers All
Network Format Yes
Report Account Codes Yes
Report Incoming Calls Yes
Report Internal Calls Yes
Report Meter Pulses No
Report Outgoing Calls Yes
SMDR Meter Unit Per Station No
SMDR Record Transfer Yes
System Identification 101
Time Change Reporting Yes
Twenty-four Hour Time Reporting Yes
ANI/DNIS/ISDN/CLASS Number Delivery Reporting Yes
SMDR Real Time Reporting No
OLI Node ID Format for Incoming Trunk Calls Yes
Extended Time To Answer Yes
SMDR File Transfer No
Standardized Network OLI Yes
Standardized Call ID Format Yes
Suite Services Reporting No
Report Internal Unanswered Calls Yes
SMDR Extended Reporting Level 1 Yes
Report Attendant Name No
Account Code Reporting for Internal Calls Yes
Tag Call Reporting No
Tag Call Identifier
Path Reporting for Internal ACD2 Calls Yes
Number of destination address digits to mask 0
SMDR Extended Reporting Level 2: Yes
Two B-Channel Transfer Reporting: Yes
External Hot Desk User Reporting: Yes
Suppress Initial SMDR Record with Account Code Entered Timer: 5


The “System Identification” must have a value, if it is blank when you try to save it will ask for a value. If this is not used at your site, just enter “101” as the value. Do not use the “SMDR Real Time Reporting” facility with this plugin. These settings will not affect the use of the Mitel cell centre software.

Windows Plugin
PMitel_3300icp_Certified.7zip (170.9 KB)

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  • Since the Mitel SMDR data does not contain the year of the calls, added a function to check if the date of the call record is in the future. If it is, the year will be changed to the previous year. This is to address the call records that are generated on 12/31 and loaded on 01/01. Or if data is loaded for a previous year.