How to check the rawdata under TNG?

1.) To check the rawdata that TNG is receiving, you need to enable logging of raw data:

  • TNG version and newer:

    How do I enable logging of rawdata?

  • TNG before version

    Please follow these steps:

    • Log into TNG WebAdmin.
    • Select ‘General Settings’ from the ‘Home’ page.
    • You will need to enter the technical password, else the option you need will be greyed out.
    • Go to ‘PABX Interface’ under ‘Communication Configuration’.
    • and ticket ‘Log raw data for the next hour to raw.txt’.

2.) The rawdata will be written in the log folder for the day, for example :

  'C:\Program Files (x86)\Datatex\tng\logs\20070227\raw.txt'.

Earlier versions:

Please follow these steps:

Stop TNG service
Create a PABX3 folder in the DATATEX folder
Copy PABX3.exe from the TNG cd(In the TOOLS → PABX3 folder)
into the PABX3 folder.
Run the PABX3.exe program
Configure PABX3 to your PABX requirements
Under TOOLS → VT100, check if you can see the rawdata
(make a test call)
If Create Rawdata is ticked(TOOLS → Create Rawdata)
a rawdata file will be written out. (This will be in
C:\Program Files\Datatex\pabx3\Rawdata)
Download the plugin from our website( into
C:\Program Files\Datatex\pabx3\profiles\lib
After you have checked the rawdata, Shutdown PABX3
Copy the plugin to C:\Program Files\Datatex\tng\plugins
Start TNG service.