How to check the rawdata under TNG?

To check the rawdata that TNG is receiving, you need to enable logging of raw data:

TNG version and newer:

How do I enable logging of rawdata?

TNG before version

Please follow these steps:

Log into TNG WebAdmin.
Select ‘General Settings’ from the ‘Home’ page.
You will need to enter the technical password, else the option
you need will be greyed out.
Go to ‘PABX Interface’ under ‘Communication Configuration’
and ticket ‘Log raw data for the next hour to raw.txt’.
The rawdata will be written in the log folder for the day,
for example ‘C:\Program Files\Datatex\tng\logs\20070227\raw.txt’.

Earlier versions:

Please follow these steps:

Stop TNG service
Create a PABX3 folder in the DATATEX folder
Copy PABX3.exe from the TNG cd(In the TOOLS → PABX3 folder)
into the PABX3 folder.
Run the PABX3.exe program
Configure PABX3 to your PABX requirements
Under TOOLS → VT100, check if you can see the rawdata
(make a test call)
If Create Rawdata is ticked(TOOLS → Create Rawdata)
a rawdata file will be written out. (This will be in
C:\Program Files\Datatex\pabx3\Rawdata)
Download the plugin from our website( into
C:\Program Files\Datatex\pabx3\profiles\lib
After you have checked the rawdata, Shutdown PABX3
Copy the plugin to C:\Program Files\Datatex\tng\plugins
Start TNG service.