How many calls can my TNG handle?

This document explains how the Call Capacity is handled by TNG.

Windows: TNG can only use 2 GB of memory, regardless of how much memory the host PC has. TNG is a 32-bit application.

TNG uses the memory for storage of call records and running reports, processing calls, uploading extension details, etc. The percentage allocated in the ‘Data Configuration’ section under ‘General Settings’, is the percentage of free system memory available on startup of TNG service and will be used for storage of call records only. The percentage always has to work out to be less than 2GB, so that TNG has enough memory for both storage and processing. If you have 2GIG memory we suggest setting the call capacity percentage to 22.

Please Note:
Windows also needs memory to run the operating system. If you only have 2 GIG memory (or less) keep this in mind.

In “Windows Task Manager” under the “Performance” tab in the “Physical Memory(K)” section next to “available” it will display the memory not in ‘use’. TNG will use the figure to calculate the call capacity.

TNG can be configured to use up to maximum of 90% of this memory to store calls. 10 meg can store 25 000 calls. The default is set to 30% of this memory available.

Please note that if set to 50% it will check the “available” memory on startup and then allocate 50% of the “available” memory for TNG. Therefore the call capacity can vary from the time you installed TNG (if other applications had memory in use).

In TNG you can check the call capacity in “TNG WebAdmin” click on the “Call List” icon. In the right hand top side of the screen it displays for example, “Storage Capacity 599022(229Mb)”. In this example 229Mb of the PC memory has been allocated for TNG and it can store a maximum of 599 022 calls. To the left of the screen it will display number of calls loaded into TNG next to “Total Records”.

To set the memory precentage to be allocate log into “TNG WebAdmin”, Click on the “HOME” icon and select the “General Settings” icon. You need to enter the technical password.
Under the “Data Configuration” section, next to “Percentage of Available Memory to reserve” enter the percentage you wish to allocate for TNG. We only recommend the maximum of 90% if it is a dedicated TNG server. You need to click on “Apply Changes”. It will display “UPDATE SUCCESSFULL” in the left hand top corner of the screen.

Suggestion to optimize TNG:
1.) Close all unnecessary processes thereby minimizing usage of system resources (prevent PC being slowed down).
2.) Set call capacity percentage as described in post (Windows: TNG memory usage should not exceed 2 GIG in total).
3.) If TNG report covers large time period, please split report up to reduce amount of records per report and therefore memory usage. If report run on regular basis, please use the Scheduled Reports feaure: TNG and scheduled reports/archiving reports

Please find a detailed TNG installation and user’s guide in the help folder on your TNG CD.