How do I manually load a plugin?

If you have downloaded a plugin from the forum or copied one from a newer CD, you can update your TNG by just replacing the old plugin.
We recommend that you always make a backup copy of the old file, in case the plugin file is corrupt or incompatible with your current PBX format.
We try very had to ensure that the Plugins are backward compatible, but sometime we have to make a change that can cause incompatibility.

Plugin file names:
The File name starts with a “P”, then the PBX Brand and then the PBX model.
if there was different revisions of the plugin the revision will be appended to the end of the file.
e.g. the Panasonic KXTDA 200 plugin that was modified to have the pincode as the extension will have a name like:

The Plugin file has a file extension of DLL.
If your file still has the ZIP or RAR extension, you will need to extract to first. You can use WINRAR(32-BIT) or 7-ZIP:
Where do I find WINRAR/ WRAR?
How do I view 7-zip log files I downloaded from Webadmin?

If your windows doesn’t show file extensions, the file type will be an “Application Extension”.

Detailed explanations of some of these tasks are at the bottom of the post.
To update an existing plugin you need to:

  • Stop TNG
  • Make a backup of your existing plugin
  • Copy the new plugin into the plugins folder
  • Start TNG again.

If you are installing a new plugin you need to:

  • You do NOT have to stop TNG is this is a new plugin that is not in use.
  • Copy the plugin to the Plugins folder
  • Login to TNG with “Admin”
  • Login to the Settings screen
  • Go the plugin selection drop down and select the new plugin.
  • Click Apply
  • View the Logs and check that the new plugin was loaded Successfully and that the version number is displayed.

This is what the logs should look like:

2012-02-07 09:49:45:370 [] - Loading Plugin: C:\Program Files\datatex\tng\plugins\PTopazPipe.dll
2012-02-07 09:49:45:607 [] - PTopazPipe, v2009.01.23.1 loaded successfully

Here are some of the tasks above, explained in more detail.

Stop or Start the TNG Service using the Windows Services screen.
Open the Windows Run dialog box
Type “services.msc” and press enter.
Go to the Control Panel
Go to Administrative Tools
Click on Services
Scroll down to TNG and select it.
Now you need to Stop or Start the service.
You can right click on it and select Stop, or use the stop button on the tool bar at the top or click the Stop link on the left of the screen.
When you want to Start TNG you use the play button or the Start link on the left.

To make a backup of the old Plugin
Navigate to the plugin folder using Windows Explorer.
On 32bit windows this location is "C:\Program Files\Datatex\TNG\plugins" and
On 64bit Windows this location is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Datatex\TNG\plugins”
Find the plugin with the same name as the update that you have.
Right-Click on the file and select “Copy”
Then Right Click anywhere in the Background of the Windows Explorer window and select “Paste”. A new file “Copy of …” will be created.

Now you have a backup copy.