How do I e-mail reports from TNG?


  • SMTP mailserver.
  • Log into TNG as ‘admin’ to do configuration.

E-mailing reports:

  1. The following must be configured on your ‘General Settings’ page:

    SMTP server: IP address or name of mail server.
    SMTP port: The port that would be used to access the mail server. By default it is 25.
    SMTP user: User name to access the e-mail account on the e-mail server.
    SMTP password: Password to access the e-mail account on the mail server.
    Reply to e-mail: All replies on e-mails will be delivered to the address configured here.

  2. Once the above has been configured:

    Select and view your desired report and you will notice an e-mail icon on the top left corner of the page.
    This option can be found on the top left hand corner of every report page.
    If you click on this icon a screen will appear that will request the recipients address.
    Simply enter the address and click ‘Send’

This feature is entirely defendant on your mail server settings!

Please find a detailed TNG installation and user’s guide in the help folder on your TNG CD.