Cisco Siprec or Network Recording config

Cisco SIPREC / Network recording requires a recording profile to be created and a CUBE device to perform the recording communication. The profile is applied to the extensions that must record. This profile will instruct the phone to contact the recording server and instruct it to record the call.

Please confirm with your Cisco Call manager engineer which versions you are running and check the below sites for the configuration details.
The preferred method is SIPREC, but we do support Network recording, if the Call Manager does not support SIPREC.


  • Datatex SIPREC service
  • Datatex Voipsweeper Service
  • Cisco Cube with require version OS as per below

Cisco Networking Recording
This is the older method

Note: The current recording method doesn’t report call direction as part of the call information.


  • Cisco IOS 15.2(1)T
  • Cisco IOS XE 3.8S

Cisco SIPREC Recording
This is the newer method

  • Cisco IOS 15.6(1)T
  • Cisco IOS XE 3.17S