Can I setup TNGLive(no buffer) with a buffer?

TNGLive has the option for with or without buffer.
Software is either for without of with a buffer.
NOTE: TNG buffer is phasing out.

The TNG buffer is serial and will only buffer data received from serial connection (com port).

NOTE: TNGLive(no buffer) can also be installed with a buffer.

  1. If the standard TNG buffer(serial) is used, it must be configure to AUTO DUMP data.
    To enable auto dump,
    connect to comport with for example putty or hyper terminal and
    use the command SAD 0.
    To check if configuration in place send command ‘SYS’,
    it must print AUTO DUMP ENABLED.

  2. If network connection to PABX for call details,
    a LAN buffer can be used – it must not format the call data string, for example add date-time stamp : else plugin will not work.
    The technician must configure the LAN buffer as there are various models.