Can AMETHYST/iRecall recordings be modified or tampered with?

AMETHYST/iRecall does not have the feature to modify recordings.
It influences the integrity of the recording.

The recordings are only be accessed via Supervisor.
The supervisor can only playback, e-mail and save the recording.

The recordings are not modified once the recording has been completed and
these files are not accessible directly.

AMETHYST/iRecall make use of the checksum to proof that the recoding was not tampered with.

AMETHYST/iRecall apply the following methods to ensure this:

  • An MD5 and SHA1 checksum is calculated on each recording file and stored separately from the recording file itself. Should a single bit be changed in the recording file, a comparison of the checksums will indicate that it is no longer the original file.
  • All recording files are double encrypted using industry standard and accepted encryption algorithms.
    This ensures that no one is able to listen to a recording without using our original recording software.