BiCom Recordings

dtxBiCom is the Datatex processing software to process BiCom recordings into Amethyst. This software relies on the BiCom recording capability and downloads the recordings from the PBX.
The extensions are flagged as a recorded extension using the BiCom web interface and the PBX will automatically record and keep these recordings for the configure period. The dtxBiCom software will then check which tenants has been configured for download when it runs. The software will download the CDR data for all the extensions of an enabled tenant and then the recordings for the extensions that are enabled for recording.

From version an facility to exclude extensions that are currently recorded, has been added. This allows a site to have the recording enabled for all extensions, but only a subset of extensions are downloaded to Amethyst.


  • Added facility to exclude devices from the recording configuration side. This allows a client that wants to use the BiCom short term storage to keep recordings and only a selected set of extensions to be downloaded to be stored on Amethyst or iReCall.
    In the tenant.ini file add the extensions that you need excluded

In the Logs it will still show the CDR recordings being downloaded, but they will not get processed.

There will also be entries stating that the extension is being excluded.

2022-11-29 13:54:09 CheckRecorded: Skipping extension 2100 as it's an excluded extension
2022-11-29 13:54:09 CheckRecorded: Skipping extension 2200 as it's an excluded extension