AmtMitelCRE2 concurrent connections issue addressed

From version of the AmtMitelCRE2 the Linux OS function that is used for concurrent connection handling has been changed to a newer version.
This was done after some exhaustive testing of concurrent connections. There are no functionality changes from to this version. Only this function change

The SIPRec and Siprecorder updates are being done as well and will be released soon.

Issues identified

  • When more than 1024 concurrent connections are attempted per program, the OS will return the connection handle, but will not be able to honor the handling of the connection. Meaning network connections are opened, but can’t be used properly.

Symptoms identified

  • These could happen on random recordings when the number of concurrent connections exceeds 1024. There are multiple connections per recording.
  • Network ports are opened to receive voice traffic, but the traffic can’t be read ,since the OS can’t inform the application that there is traffic to read.
  • The OS could report the incorrect port for the connection. The application would then try and read data from this incorrect port and may get stuck until there is data. If no data is ever available on this port, the application can hang indefinitely.

This update will now be able to handle more than 1024 concurrent connection, but this may be limited to the OS and the Hardware.

  • Port number limit is 65535 and a portion of those are reserved.
  • The Harddrive can only write fast enough for a number of recordings.
  • The system memory is limited and can’t store a large number of concurrent calls.

Extra info
When it comes to voice recording, there are two ports per recording ( TX and RX traffic. )
As well as, 2 files per recording ( TX and RX)