AMETHYST2 Supervisor: How do I reset my password?

***Please before continuing you need to be on the AMETHYST/iRecall Supervisor login page.
See the STEPS section for screenshot with example of the login page. ***

NOTE: Password requirements:

  • Multiple words will be stronger than a single word.
  • Password must be at least 10 characters in length.
  • Password must contain at least 1 upper-case letter.
  • Password must contain at least 1 lower-case letter.
  • Password must have a maximum of 2 consecutive characters.

AMETHYST2/iRecall has the following options to reset the supervisor password:

1. Supervisor login page: I FORGOT MY PASSWORD link:

  • Things to know:

    • Reply to e-mail address :

      • AMETHYST2: The REPLY TO e-mail address configured for the mailserver
      • iRecall:
    • Requirements:

      • Supervisor must use the e-mail address as per supervisor login.
      • The reset must be done from the same network as the AMETHYST server - unless iRecall client
      • Mail server settings must be configured and working - unless iRecall client
    • NOTE:

      • If the reset link is not received, please check your JUNK mail or SPAM.
      • AMETHYST: confirm with mail service provider that the e-mail was not blocked.
        For example, MIMECAST that blocks it and ask for a password, before allowing our link.
      • Supervisor reset link is only valid for 24 hours.


  • On the login page, before login in select I forgot my password:

  • Enter the e-mail addresss and click on the email/restet password icon:

2. AMETHYST2 Supervisor: Manual change of password by Supervisor self:

  • REQUIRED: Old password to be changed

  • Log into Supervisor.

  • Select the Personal Supervisor settings page:

  • Enter the old password, then the new one and confirm it:

    NOTE: Upper and lower case required.

3. AMETHYST2 Supervisor: Manual change of password by admin Supervisor.

  • Log in as an admin Supervisor.
  • Select ‘Administrations’
  • Select ‘Administrate Supervisors’.
  • Select the required supervisor.
  • Enter the new password next to ‘Password’ and click on Apply.


Please note that if you get this page once logged in:

newest supervisor:

You can still continue without setting the new password.
It is however advised to change your password regularly for security reasons.