AMETHYST2: CRE recordings Steps to add an extension(s) to recording

Steps to take to add new extensions to recording:

  1. You can create the ticket with the list of extensions to be recorded.

  2. The ticket will be updated once the extensions have been added to recording.

  3. You can then point the phones and directly after, make an answered test call.

    STEPS to take for test call:

    • Ensure that the phone is pointed to the required MBG IP.
      If a soft phone is used, please configure the Teleworker Gateway.
      You can ask your Mitel Support to assist with the point of the phones.

    • Before making the test call, reboot the phone to force it to register to that MBG.
      To reboot the phone:

      • The physical phone is rebooted by disconnecting and re-connecting the network cable
      • the soft phone you must click on the log out, exit the software and then restart the software.
    • Thereafter make an answered test call with a duration of more than 5 seconds.

    • Advise Datatex Support once done as they can only confirm that the device is licensed to load recordings after the first recording was made.

      • If the device is not set to RECORD status, all recordings made will be rejected.
      • If no licenses available it cannot be set to RECORD status.
  4. Once the point of phones and test calls completed,
    you can update the ticket and a support agent will confirm if the test calls recorded.

  5. Support will then also confirm if the devices auto updated to record status in Webadmin,
    else recordings will not load.


If extensions are re-used,
I suggest creating a ticket when extensions no longer used,
so that a Support Agent can delete the device(s) to free licenses.
NOTE: This will not affect historic recordings, it is just to maintain the licenses available.