Amethyst Server INI file settings and related errors

Settings and the errors that are going to be occurring if these settings are not correct.

This setting is used to set the AmtClient’s Update IP or remote Update Ip for another Amethyst server.

  1. When an amtclient connects to this Amethyst server, it will receive this IP as the destination for retrieving Playback files. This will only function if the playback license is loaded on the Amethyst server.
  2. If there are multiple Remote servers and a central Amethyst server and all the updates received from recording servers and AmtClients has to be sent to the central server. This value must contain the central server IP.


  1. CANBROADCAST controls whether it announces itself on startup. It also controls if the server responds to broadcasts from other services broadcasting.
  2. WEBSERVER controls whether the webserver comes up on port 3088.

Defaults are:


This will disable the broadcast and response to other software and enable the webserver.



  1. Remote Server’s recording events are not reported on Amethyst server’s AEM or MyAccount.
  • The Remote server requires an AEM ( Amethyst Event Manager ) Service to be running on the same server where the REMOTE SERVER software is running.
  • The REMOTE SERVER will always attempt to connect to the local IP on port 27007.
  • The AEM must be configured to forward the events to the actual Amethyst Server IP.