AMETHYST: Remote monitoring and maintenance access

AMETHYST Remote Maintenance and Monitoring requires the following configuration at the client:

The Datatex monitoring software will connect from IP to the client’s Internet addressable IP on the ports below. The Firewall must then forward the traffic to the Amethyst server’s internal IP.

For security purposes the traffic should be restricted to our static IP address( to ensure no one else can connect to this facility. [TCP RANDOM PORT] -> CLIENT-IP [TCP port 10022] [TCP RANDOM PORT] -> CLIENT-IP [TCP port 27007]

Critical tickets are created through this facility.
CLIENT-IP [ TCP RANDOM PORT ] -> ( [ TCP port 443 ]

For Licensing, the same service is used.
CLIENT-IP [ TCP RANDOM PORT ] -> [ TCP port 443 ]


Remote Monitoring Requirements

A TCP Connection from Datatex (IP to the Client’s Firewall on port 27007 must be forwarded to the internal IP address of the Amethyst Server on TCP port 27007.

  • The remote monitoring will not be used via VPN access.
  • The Monitor port is a proprietary protocol and doesn’t allow remote access to the server.
  • If this port is not correctly configured, the remote monitoring will not work. Please supply Datatex with public IP to enable remote monitoring for your site.

Remote Maintenance Requirements:

  • The Client’s Firewall needs to forward the TCP port 10022 to the Amethyst server’s IP on TCP port 22. The traffic must be restricted to the external Datatex IP (If port 10022 can not be redirected, please use TCP port 22 and forward it to the Amethyst’s IP on TCP port 22).

Licenses requirements

  • TCP port 443 to must be accessible from the Amethyst server.

What Datatex cannot do with Remote Monitoring/Maintenance access?

  • Physically checking cables/krone blocks and lights on the cards.
  • Check or install Client software like the USBClient or AMTClient
  • Anything physically on the agent PC’s like the USBTap.
  • If you are unable to playback recordings on the AMETHYST Supervisor, we also need to be onsite to check the problem since it is a PC specified issue.

What Datatex can do with Remote Monitoring/Maintenance access?

  • Datatex can access the Amethyst Server. We have access to the web interfaces. This means we can check settings, licenses, Supervisor access, etc.
  • We can check call data, recordings or other information received on the Amethyst Server.
  • We can see events for recorded devices on the recording servers.