Amethyst CRE recording for Mitel

Amethyst CRE recording

The Datatex Client Recording Equipment (CRE) uses an Encrypted connection to the Mitel Border Gateway (MBG) to record extensions.
The phones are configured to connected to the MBG, that in turn connects to the Mitel controllers. The MBG will then be in-line between the phone and the Mitel controller, allowing it to securely record the calls.
The standard Amethyst configuration requires at least one CRE server to be setup for each MBG server. Call information is pulled from the controller based on the type of controller used. Mitel ICP 3300 uses a MiTAI service and MX1 uses an CSTA connection.

Multiple MBG servers can be clustered, to allow failover between the MBG servers.
This allows phones to connect to one of the MBGs and fail over to another node, if the connected node is no longer accessible.
This also allows for Load balancing between the MBG servers to spread the load of phones and recording in the single server configuration.

CRE recording configuration
The CRE software can be configured to only record calls for specific extensions.

  • This is useful in environments where all phones are connected to the MBG and only certain phones must be recorded.

The CRE can also be configured to record all the devices that are connected to the MBG.

  • This is useful in environments where only the recorded phones are connected to the MBG.

Single CRE Server to Single MBG.
This is the standard single MBG with a single CRE server. The MBG and the CRE requires one server each. The CRE connects to the MBG and records based on the Recording Config.

Multiple CRE Servers per MBG server.

Two CRE servers can be setup in master and slave mode and paired with each other. Both these CRE will connect to the same MBG and record the same extensions. The Master’s calls will be uploaded and the slave will keep its calls until the master has confirmed that the recordings has been uploaded.

If the master stops responding to the Slave, the slave will start uploading it’s calls.
We recommend that the slave server should be on different infrastructure than the master, to allow proper redundancy.

Single CRE Multiple MBG

Another method that is being implemented allows for one CRE to connect to multiple MBG servers.
This allows a single CRE server to record the calls from more than one MBG.
Currently we are recommend this solution up to a maximum of 200 recorded extensions.
For proper redundancy, at least one CRE server is still required per MBG. Each CRE server can then connect to more than one MBG and record the calls. When a single CRE server is used and multiple MBGs, there is a single point of failure.