Amethyst and iReCall Integration information

This document refers to the Amethyst 2 and iRecall integration API.

This document explains a couple of overviews and examples on how to use the Amethyst 2 API.
Amethyst 2 Integration overview.pdf (168.4 KB)

This document explains the specific API calls and how to use them.
Amethyst 2 Web Service integration.pdf (89.8 KB)

Amethyst has an API that allows integration from external sources. The retrieval of call information ( The same Meta data that you see on the search result page) and the calls itself.
There is also a facility to push a reference back to fields on the Amethyst server.

Suggested usage
Use the integration API from Amethyst to retrieve the call information that is stored on the Amethyst server. Do this in batches and stored on your CRM in a recording table.
Then you use the meta data to cross reference the tasks, incidents etc. on your CRM to match up recordings based on the Agent’s Extension number and the date and times.
If the phone numbers are stored for the customers, this can be used as an additional matching value on the CRM, but this may not always match, since people phone from other numbers than what you have on record or blocked numbers.

Then you can link the Tasks/Incidents to the recording table on your CRM. You can then use the recording IDs from this table to retrieve the recording from Amethyst or search for the call on Amethyst.

You will end up with recordings that are not matched to tasks, E.g. Internal calls, Personal Calls, Failed Calls.
These can be displayed on used to track issues with agents or specific phone numbers. We recommend that a report is configured to show these calls per agent.

An updated call has been added to allow the retrieval of Amethyst 1 recordings, using the Amethyst 1 recording reference only.
Amethyst 2 Web Service integration-20220120.pdf (271.3 KB)