Amethyst 2 Sweeper changes

No longer allows duplicated recording references per extension
Amethyst 2 has been updated on 2021-09-20 ( Sweeper version to not allow duplicate recording references for the same extension/Mapping device.

If an attempt is made to load such a call, a new Ticket will be created:

There is a log entry in the amtreject.log for this call:

[2021-09-20 15:10:45] Version []A210920-000014.zlb - 3908()|Belinda Frick SIP|2021-09-20 14:59:47|1|0812345678|00:01:13|O|| 117kb (0:01:14)|Duplicate recording|

The duplicated recording file will be stored in the /opt/amethyst/data/work/duplicates/
These entries need to be addressed as they happen.


  • This update can properly handle screenshots, where the recording prefix has an “_” in the prefix.

  • It also handles .SHN (shortnotes) properly.

  • It also properly works through the recordings in the “processlater” folder now.

  • Fixed the CSV export facility.