Amethyst 2 incbackup settings

running incbackup on a command prompt will start the archive of the database.
Command line parameters that can be passwed to the script:
This will show debug output to the console while it is running. This is usefull if somethign is going wrong and you are unsure what.

This will only try and mount the backup location and print the command used on the screen. This will not actually archive.

Variables in the config file

This variable doesn’t exist in the config file by default. It can be added to add a prefix location for the database backup location. This is useful on servers where thee is not enough space on the “/tmp” file system to backup, restore and encrypt the database.
Edit /opt/amethyst/etc/config and Add or edit this field:


This location will then be added to front of the existing backup location of “/tmp” to for the location /mnt/backupdrive/tmp.