Amethyst 2 Delete Calls License and Report

Amethyst 2 has implemented an facility to to delete calls for sites where the calls are not allowed to be kept for extended periods.
This is a licensed facility to prevent abuse and ensure that the business has signed off on this facility.

Requirements for the license

  • Licensed Amethyst 2 installation
  • Webadmin version
  • Amtarchiver version
  • Signed request for Delete Calls License.

To obtain this license the client has to complete a request for license form that has to be signed off by the relevant authorized person at the client.
This request will state that the client is aware that the recordings will be deleted even though the recordings has not been archived.
The standard process on Amethyst 2 is to archive calls first and then purge the recording files.
This delete facility will leave no backup of the recordings.

The request will also ask if the Metadata should also be removed or just the recordings.
If the metadata is removed, the recording will show an NO ENTRY sign and will not have a link to click to listen to the recording.

If the DELETE RECORDING License has been enabled on your Amethyst 2, there will be a new Audit report that you can run to see how many reports were deleted in the last clean up run.

Requirements for the report

  • ADMIN and AUDIT REPORT permissions.

Viewing the report

  1. Click on ADMIN at to the top of the page
  2. Click on the AUDIT REPORTS icon.
  3. Select the “Archive/Deleted” Report option and select the date range that you need to run the report for.
  4. Optionally select the extension prefix to limit the reports to specific extensions.
  5. Click APPLY to view the report.

This report shows the number of recordings per extension and username that were cleared. These are entries that exist int he audit logs and can be retrieved via the Audit logs as well.