Amethyst 2 Archive Status codes

When calls are archived using the new Archive service, the recording status is flagged with the following status.

0: Not archived yet. 
1: Archived and not purged
2: The File was not found and could not be archived. 
3: Duplicated file on the Archive server. 
4: The File has been archived and purged. now only available to retrieve from the archive server. 
5: Delete recording and keep metadata. (Delete without Archive License required.) 
6: Deleted the file and this metadata record may be removed.  (Delete without Archive License required.) 

-1..-5: The something went wrong with the processing of this file and counted down to -5.

(Delete without Archive License required.)

  • If you use Keep metadata, the call record is kept.
  • if you use the Delete the Metadata record, the call record will be deleted.

The Files that have been flagged as -5 will no longer be attempted to archive.