Microsoft TEAMS TMS in TES


  1. AmtImporter v
    1.1 URL opened to internet for MS to send the call records to this URL.
    1.2 ProcessCallSubscriptions downloads all the raw the calls details.
    1.3 Convert_MSCR_TO_CSV converts the calls records to CSV or JSON for TES.
    1.4 CSVValdator v is used to ensure that the Company and Controller at least and exists on the DB.
    1.5 TESCost v to load JSON or MS Teams CSV files.

  2. Azure Subscription + Login and password. With permissions

  3. Load the TMS TMS App in Azure and Authorize by customer

Call direction will be based on the organizer.

  • People joining the meeting will show as INCOMING, if they did not organize the meeting.
  • Will be 0

P2P calls

  • Will be 0